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Assignments by Teacher

Hello Pumas! We want to make sure you have access to any messages and materials your teachers are making available to you. Below are notes from your teachers that they would like for you to read!

ASB- Please turn in your fundraiser money by April 1st. Mr. Guerrero and Mrs. Santa Maria are available Monday-Friday 10am-1pm to drop off your money. Visit us at the school food distribution in front of the DM theater.

ASES- Questions about ASES? Join the ASES Google Classroom using code: trcrrcv   We hope you are doing well. Miss you!

Burrows- Parent Google Classroom Code: efyhaq4

De La Cruz- Check your Google Classroom

England- Math 180 Students now have full access to the brain arcade!

Fisher- Google Classroom Code for all Class Periods: uz2yzs2

Kastiro- Your packets are in the Google Classroom. I miss you all very much! Email me if you have questions.

Google Classroom Codes-

Period 2: rm4geqi           Period 4: jcqxbmk           Period 6: mwwrzjc

Period 3: c26pmzj           Period 5: eqeka4w         Period 7: e2enawe

Morales- We are thinking of you and your families. We look forward to working with you again soon!

Peterson- Hello Mrs. Peterson’s science students. As a reminder, here are my class codes for Google classroom if you have not joined. I have already posted some resources. You can comment on there, or email me if you have questions or you just want to say hi: As a reminder to all students, I love you, we all love you and miss you, and we hope you are doing well!

P1: knvcwzx           P4: ol7od4x           P6: 6333fdl

P3: p4vivlq             P5: 6h4kojs            P7: czlg3d7

D Rodriguez (Social Studies)- Please check your Google Classroom for information and to ask for help with your work!


Google Classroom Codes-

Period 1 ELD: midx374           Period 4 ELA: s6sdomp             Period 6 ELD: 2zlodns

Period 2 ELA: ehlrcmt             Period 5 ELA: ydsxunw              Period 7 ELA: wo5juka


Google Classroom Codes-

Period 2: wwx3odg              Period 4: zwq5xmt             Period 6: iao6nhv

Period 3: dqbv7m5              Period 5: d3xkkei                Period 7: jjff3tp


Period 2  Code: l6l4pzo               Period 3   Code:  k5y3ck6

Period 4  Code: s6gssvp              Period 5   Code:  sv7tmgp

Period 6: Code: hni7kvg              Period 7   Code: gmq5baf


Period 1 & 2: o5lwswo        Period 3 & 4: aymexym

Period 6: qjgmufp             Period 7: gtfacvy


Period 1     r7obhsu         Period 2.  .  uoz6csa

Period 3.    z53zcfd.         Period 4.    nebhbmb

Period 5     k33ftn6          Period 7.    mna7nmm


Per. 1- azqvcbo                     Per. 2- w53hmbq

Per. 3- xaudit7                     Per. 4- btl6ebv

Per. 6- mkrllgj                      Per. 7- prwx6vx


Per. 1 @6k2cgg                     Per. 2 @k6d7hg

Per. 3 @2fkcfk                     Per. 4 @hfkbe3

Per. 6 @77c96h                     Per. 7 @78d2ec

Join by text:
Participants text a unique class or school code to a Remind phone number. For U.S teachers, the Remind number is 81010. For example, if you wanted to join a class with the class code @math, you would text @math to 81010.